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Herenga Atua, Herenga Tangata, Herenga Whenua. (We have a duty to God, to people and to the land)

You're going to love our fantastic range of green products that are made or designed in New Zealand. Not only will you find our range is high-quality, we also prioritise environmentally friendly and ethically produced products. If they are manufactured here in New Zealand, even better.

Who We Are

We want to live a greener lifestyle but, in the hustle and bustle of the day to day routine, we know that's tough. So, we launched Somewhat Green to make it easier to be kinder to the earth.

What We Do

We research products and assess them based on our criteria:

  • Are they eco-friendly?
  • Are they ethically produced?
  • Are they made or designed in NZ?
  • Are they high-quality and built to last?

If they meet one or more of our criteria, we'll list them for sale on our website. Click on the icons to find out more about our criteria.

Our Approach

The Zero-Waste Chef Anne-Marie Bonneau sums up our approach well when she says: "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."
Living a greener lifestyle doesn't have to be about doing big things and making loud statements. Instead, if everyone made regular smaller, environmentally friendly choices, we'd all have a healthier planet to hand on to the next generation.

Join the Discussion

There are loads of people just like you who want to buy more environmentally friendly products, so join in the conversation. We'd love for you to get involved on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Please also get in touch if you have a product you think we should list or if you have any other suggestions or comments. Make sure you also get in touch if you are unsatisfied with a product. We have high standards and constantly review the products listed on our website, so your feedback is important to us.

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