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The values of Somewhat Green are represented by the icons you see displayed on the front page of the website and on each product. What are these icons and, more importantly, what are the values they represent?

When searching for products to list on Somewhat Green, I look for products that have at least one of the following characteristics: quality; eco-friendly; ethical; and, NZ-made or designed.

The icons I assign to each product indicate the characteristics that apply to that product.

This designation is based on extensive research when reviewing products before a listing. This research includes questioning suppliers and reviewing their websites. There are some official certifications that I look out for too, especially those from Trade Aid and Nil.

If I am not 100 percent sure a product features a specific characteristic, it will not have the icon on its listing. This is to give you confidence in your purchasing decisions.

Also, it’s important to me that this is a transparent process. If you would like to know why I assigned a particular icon to a product, or if you have any questions about the icons or characteristics, please send me an email to tracey@somewhatgreen or Facebook message me at somewhatgreennz.


NZ-Made or Designed

I like to support NZ businesses and most of my suppliers (as of February 2020) are from New Zealand.

As I have found, due to manufacturing costs, it is difficult to get products that are 100 percent made in NZ. This is why I added “designed in NZ” in addition to “made in NZ” to this characteristic.

Therefore, there are some products that are 100 percent made in NZ on the Somewhat Green website, but most suppliers design their products here and then make them overseas.


This is a product that is a good investment and should last you a long time. It’s not a use-me-once-and-throw-me-away product. It’s not a product that is highly breakable so is likely to quickly end up in a landfill either. Instead, it’s a sustainable product that will last.

The quality icon of the hand holding a face symbolises the product is made with care. It also means that some are made with natural materials and have quality features.

Quality does cost but it’s worth it as you will spend less in the long-term and you will help the environment.


This logo means I have checked with suppliers where products have been sourced from to ensure workers are protected and rewarded fairly for their work.

We know that anything made in NZ is ethical because we have laws to protect workers.

If a product is made overseas, I am more careful when assigning an ethical icon as I am not familiar with the laws of any other country.


Eco-friendly products save waste from going to landfills as you can recycle or compost them after use. Products with this icon have eco-friendly features. For example, the plastic used in the product might be BPA free, or the product might be organic or made from natural materials.

Living Somewhat Greener

I hope the icons displayed on my website help you choose products wisely, confident in the fact I have spent time conducting thorough research. If you any queries whatsoever, please contact me.

Take care Tracey

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