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Kiora Koutou ( hi everyone )

As this is the first blog of my new business, Somewhat Green, I thought I’d start by saying hi. I’m delighted you’re here and hope you find what you are looking for.


Why Somewhat Green? Here’s my view – ensuring you only buy products with impeccable green credentials is extremely difficult. Plus, what even is green? If you find something you think is green, there is almost certainly someone out there who will tell you it’s not.

Does this mean we should give up? Heck, no. It just means we need to look at the issue of living green in a more realistic way. We all have a budget we need to live by, and we all have limits on our time.

So, instead of trying to please everyone and tick every green box, we all just need to do what we can. This is why my business is called Somewhat Green.

Some of the products I list on my website are not super green, but they are greener and better for the environment than mainstream alternatives. Some products are really green and are from NZ businesses that have amazing philosophies.

reusable water balloons
beautiful zag bag


stone salt and pepper bowls

Lots of Us Doing Lots of Small Things Will Transform the Planet

Dumping everything in our lives and in our households that is not green just isn’t feasible. That said, going somewhat green is not about giving up on the environment. It’s the opposite, in fact.

I passionately believe that lots of us doing lots of little things will help the planet more than a few of us doing everything, even if the little things are not 100 percent perfect.

Here are some of the little things Somewhat Green will help you with:

  • Buy high-quality products as alternatives to cheap, low-quality, single-use products that end up straight in the landfill. These products may cost you more upfront, but just by being high-quality and long-lasting, they are better for the environment. Plus, they’ll cost you less in the long run.
  • Buy products that are eco-friendly, i.e. products made from eco-friendly materials using eco-friendly production methods.
  • Buy products that are made or designed in New Zealand. Ideally, we want products to be designed and manufactured in New Zealand, but this isn’t always feasible. Products designed in New Zealand are beneficial too.
  • Buy products that are ethical, i.e. ethically produced and researched and where employees and suppliers of the manufacturer are treated ethically.

The products on Somewhat Green will have at least one of the qualities above.

It’s Your Journey

We’re not into preaching or criticising people for the green choices they make. We know that you are doing whatever is right for you, and we want to help you in whatever way we can.

Thanks for coming to my website and feel free to ask questions about any of the products.

noho ora mai

(stay well look after yourselves)

naa (from) Tracey

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